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    Typical MOQ is only 25pcs for medium & large sized items such as drinkware, cooler bag and umbrella.

    Send us your logo file & we'll create a digital mock up, free of charge.

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35 products
  • Compact Traveller Umbrella
    Custom Printed Compact Traveller Umbrella with Logo
  • Pro-Am Umbrella
    custom printed Pro-am Umbrella with your logo
  • Boutique Umbrella
    Custom Printed Boutique Umbrella with Logo
  • Poppins Umbrella
    Custom Printed Poppins Umbrella with Logo
  • Iris Umbrella
    Custom Printed Iris Umbrella with Logo
  • Pegasus Hook Umbrella
    Custom Printed Pegasus Hook Umbrella with Logo
  • Mickelson Umbrella
    Custom Printed Mickelson Umbrella with Logo
  • Corporate Umbrella
    Custom Printed Corporate Umbrella with Logo
  • Cirrus Umbrella
    Custom Printed Cirrus Umbrella with Logo
  • Cirrus Umbrella - Elite
    Custom Printed Cirrus Umbrella - Elite with Logo
  • Golf Umbrella, 30" Replaced by U52
    Custom Printed Golf Umbrella, 30
  • Genie Auto Open/Close Umbrella
    Custom Printed Genie Auto Open/Close Umbrella with Logo
  • Umbra - New Event
    Custom Printed Umbra - New Event with Logo
  • Stormy Umbrella
    Custom Printed Stormy Umbrella with Logo
  • Umbra - Gusto
    Custom Printed Umbra - Gusto with Logo
  • Gemini Inverted Umbrella
    Custom Printed Gemini Inverted Umbrella with Logo
  • Umbra - Corporate Hook
    Custom Printed Umbra - Corporate Hook with Logo
  • Umbra - Boutique Compact
    Custom Printed Umbra - Boutique Compact with Logo
  • Umbra - Sovereign
    Custom Printed Umbra - Sovereign with Logo
  • Admiral Umbrella
    Custom Printed Admiral Umbrella with Logo
  • Umbra - Ultimate Compact
    Custom Printed Umbra - Ultimate Compact with Logo
  • Virginia Umbrella
    Custom Printed Virginia Umbrella with Logo
  • Executive Umbrella
    Custom Printed Executive Umbrella with Logo
  • The Inverter Umbrella with C Handle
    Custom Printed The Inverter Umbrella with C Handle with Logo
  • The Inverter Umbrella with J Handle
    Custom Printed The Inverter Umbrella with J Handle with Logo
  • Deluxe 30" Auto Golf Umbrella
    Custom Printed Deluxe 30
  • Hurricane Urban Umbrella
    Custom Printed Hurricane Urban Umbrella with Logo
  • Umbra - Boss
    Custom Printed Umbra - Boss with Logo
  • Umbra - Ultimate Umbrella
    Custom Printed Umbra - Ultimate Umbrella with Logo
  • Blizzard 30" Auto Golf Umbrella
    Custom Printed Blizzard 30
  • Swiss Peak Tornado 58cm Umbrella
    Custom Printed Swiss Peak Tornado 58cm Umbrella with Logo
  • BLUNT Metro Umbrella

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Custom Printed Promotional Corporate Umbrella With Brand Logo

Your printed umbrellas with logo will have an appealing look and you may promote your brand or business to the public by having a corporate brand identity. Corporate umbrellas can be customised with a branding to ensure year-round use. Everyone may benefit from having an umbrella, and if it printed with your company's logo, recipients will always remember who gave them this useful gift when it unexpectedly rains!

An excellent promotional item like branded umbrellas are ideal for a wide range of enterprises because they are both useful and come in a number of sizes and shapes. Company umbrellas with logos are also perfect for advertising your company's message or emblem in public because of their great visibility. So, if you're searching for a distinctive promotional item to keep your consumers dry this winter, think about purchasing some umbrellas with your company's logo on them.

Here are a few reasons why choosing umbrella as your promotional products

  • It is a practical and useful promotional item.

Umbrellas are a helpful accessory to have since they provide protection from harsh weather conditions like rain, thunderstorms, and scorching sun. It is a product that is commonly used throughout the year in various regions of the world. It's not the kind of personalised present that one receives on a daily basis and puts in the cabinet to be forgotten. It is a thing with a lot of uses and functioning. As a result, your brand receives more exposure as the product is used by the customers it is supplied to with no more work or expense.

  • It provides extensive coverage and exposure.

However, their application extends well beyond that as well. They act as a sort of moving billboard advertising your company. The individual who receives the umbrella as part of your promotional campaign will take it with them everywhere they go, increasing the likelihood that your brand and logo will be seen by as many people as they come into contact with at various times and in various locations. The exposure your brand receives increases each time the owner of your umbrella enters a crowded area. As a result, a promotional umbrella is frequently thought of as an efficient promotional tool that may leave a lasting impact.

  • Umbrella is an evergreen product

In contrast to more typical promotional items like pens, mugs, and notebooks, a high-quality promotional umbrella is a durable item that will help you build brand longevity. Your brand will continue to be seen while the receiver uses the umbrella for weeks, months, and occasionally even years. By choosing a long-lasting promotional item to advertise your business, you essentially create a marketing strategy that will provide you a better and longer return on your initial expenditure. As a result, umbrellas are an inexpensive advertising option that few other goods or advertising strategies can match in terms of generating impressions over an extended period of time.

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Custom Corporate Umbrella starts from $10.99 Trusted by more than 1,200 companies | Ready in 12 working days + Freight | Best Price Guaranteed