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Brand Awareness in 2023: Cost-Effective Ways to Stay in Touch with Customers for a Long Time

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Build Brand Awareness at Lowest Cost (Better Than Ad)

Promotional product giveaways (distributed through in-person events, trade shows, virtual events, and online contests) are an excellent way to raise brand awareness. Whether you host an in-person or collaborate with another business, there is no denying that promotional gifts increase brand awareness.

Most importantly, it help customers engage in meaningful ways, as opposed to other types of advertisements (such as billboards, direct mail, streaming ads, and display ads), which are easily ignored, muted, or blocked. The promotional product will be used by the customer functionally and will be closer to the customer as long as it is still being used. When you are using it as social media giveaways, in particular, it will generate shareable content that will assist your brand in gaining highly sought after online "word of mouth".

Simulation of Cost Per Impression for Wearable Promotional Product

T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, caps, and bags are examples of branded wearables and accessories that are consistently in demand with customers. These products also have low CPIs, produce thousands of impressions over the course of their lifespan, and have good longevity (meaning they are kept for a long time by consumers).

The lowest CPI of any clothing item or accessory, according to ASI, is found in a $5 logoed bag, which will have a CPI of under 2/10 of a penny! Over the span of their lives, they are retained for an average of 11 months and provide about 3,300 impressions.

Similar to that, a $7 branded T-shirt will only have a 2/10th of a cent CPI. Customers adore branded t-shirts; according to an ASI poll, 80% of North American customers own promotional t-shirts!

One of the top choices for promotional products in any category, promotional t-shirts produce an average of 3,400 impressions over the course of their lifetime and are maintained on average for 14 months. Other reasonably priced accessories and wearables are:

  • The CPI for a logoed hat with a $10 price tag is 3/10 of a cent.
  • The CPI for a $20 promotional jacket is 3/10 of a cent.
  • The CPI for a $10 bespoke polo shirt will be 4/10 of a cent.

Additionally, branded drinkware (such water bottles and coffee mugs), desk accessories (including mouse pads, letter openers, and memo holders), calendars, and USB drives are some promotional products that offer excellent value for your advertising dollars:

  • The CPI for a $3 promotional calendar will be 3/10 of a penny.
  • The CPI for a $5 promotional desk item is 3/10 of a cent.
  • A $7 promotional drinkware item will have a CPI of less than half a penny.
  • The CPI for a $5 promotional USB drive is 7/10 of a cent.

Given that 85% of customers remember the advertiser who provided them a t-shirt or hat, branded apparel is among the greatest promotional items available for companies looking for an affordable approach to raise brand awareness.

If you're interested in learning more about how promotional products can benefit your brand, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to help you optimize your branding and marketing efforts in the new year.

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