Products : Multi-Purpose Tools (88)

  • Vernier Caliper

    Vernier Caliper

    Affordable, fully functional plastic Ver

    From $0.87 To $0.94

  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper

    Robust ice scraper for removing ice from

    From $1.59 To $1.79

  • Hercules Multi Tool

    Hercules Multi Tool

    Tools & Torches / Tools

    From $10.02 To $13.13

  • Bronco Multi-Tool

    Bronco Multi-Tool

    Compact nine function multi-tool with a

    From $6.26 To $6.60

  • Screwmagnet


    Exciting new multi-purpose tool for buil

    From $7.43 To $8.10

  • Shifti Deluxe Multi Tool

    Shifti Deluxe Multi Tool

    Tools & Torches / Multi Tools

    From $16.07 To $20.64

  • Multi-Purpose Tool/Flashlight

    Multi-Purpose Tool/Flashlight

    Multi purpose tool with which has an in

    From $4.14 To $5.09

  • Pocket Screwdriver Kit

    Pocket Screwdriver Kit

    Handy pocket screwdriver kit which has t

    From $3.19 To $3.56

  • Mini Screwdriver Kit

    Mini Screwdriver Kit

    Small pocket screwdriver set with an int

    From $2.27 To $2.64

  • Thor Safety Hammer

    Thor Safety Hammer

    Practical car safety hammer and seat bel

    From $11.42 To $12.63

  • Tradie Tool Kit

    Tradie Tool Kit


    From $11.19 To $13.59

  • Rotary Barrel Screwdriver Set

    Rotary Barrel Screwdriver Set

    Rotary barrel screwdriver set which incl

    From $4.64 To $5.59

  • Escape Safety Tool Car Charger

    Escape Safety Tool Car Charger

    Multipurpose dual car charger which feat

    From $20.34 To $22.24

  • House Shape Tool Kit

    House Shape Tool Kit

    House shaped tool kit with a swivel key

    From $3.56 To $3.94

  • 9-In-1  Multi Tool Kit

    9-In-1 Multi Tool Kit

    Smart aluminium screwdriver set with a p

    From $4.83 To $5.78

  • Clip Tire Gauge

    Clip Tire Gauge

    Aluminium trye gauge with a pocket clip

    From $2.61 To $2.99

  • Swiss Peak Multi-Tool

    Swiss Peak Multi-Tool

    Swiss Peak’s design and manufactu

    From $23.21 To $26.49

  • Mini Screwdriver Set

    Mini Screwdriver Set

    Small pocket screwdriver set which has t

    From $1.02 To $1.15

  • Multi Tool Card

    Multi Tool Card

    Stainless steel multi-tool that is credi

    From $1.97 To $2.17

  • Mustang Multi Tool Key Ring

    Mustang Multi Tool Key Ring

    Handy six function multi-tool. It has a

    From $4.73 To $5.26

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