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  • Multi Ruler

    Multi Ruler

    12cm multi-function ruler which is also

    From $0.58 To $0.65

  • Magnifying Ruler

    Magnifying Ruler

    15cm ruler with a magnifying bar which m

    From $0.99 To $1.05

  • 15cm Mini Ruler

    15cm Mini Ruler

    Small plastic ruler with graduations in

    From $0.37 To $0.43

  • Flip Ruler

    Flip Ruler

    30cm plastic ruler with graduations in b

    From $0.84 To $0.90

  • Verve Flashlight

    Verve Flashlight

    Contoured pocket size aluminium flashlig

    From $8.32 To $9.32

  • 30cm Metal Ruler

    30cm Metal Ruler

    Metal ruler with graduations in both cen

    From $2.42 To $2.76

  • Vernier Caliper

    Vernier Caliper

    Affordable, fully functional plastic Ver

    From $0.87 To $0.94

  • 5 Metre Tape Measure

    5 Metre Tape Measure

    Locking tape measure with a tough impact

    From $5.49 To $6.03

  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper

    Robust ice scraper for removing ice from

    From $1.59 To $1.79

  • Titan Torch Key Ring

    Titan Torch Key Ring

    Aluminium mini flashlight with a handy k

    From $2.42 To $2.69

  • Nebula Torch

    Nebula Torch

    Compact anodised aluminium flashlight wi

    From $3.41 To $3.74

  • Solaris Torch

    Solaris Torch

    Premium aluminium flashlight with nine p

    From $4.71 To $5.24

  • Hercules Multi Tool

    Hercules Multi Tool

    Tools & Torches / Tools

    From $10.02 To $13.13

  • Bronco Multi-Tool

    Bronco Multi-Tool

    Compact nine function multi-tool with a

    From $6.26 To $6.60

  • Screwmagnet


    Exciting new multi-purpose tool for buil

    From $7.43 To $8.10

  • Shifti Deluxe Multi Tool

    Shifti Deluxe Multi Tool

    Tools & Torches / Multi Tools

    From $16.07 To $20.64

  • Round Tape Measure

    Round Tape Measure

    Round locking tape measure with a durabl

    From $0.67 To $0.87

  • Rubberised Torch

    Rubberised Torch

    Stylish flashlight with nine powerful LE

    From $4.29 To $5.26

  • Bendable Book Light

    Bendable Book Light

    Flexible book light with a clip. Uses bu

    From $3.17 To $4.14

  • Cirrus Lantern Flashlight

    Cirrus Lantern Flashlight

    Dual function flashlight which can be co

    From $2.96 To $3.34

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